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Yixing thought that the birthday song people were singing was for Jongdae so he sing-a-long with them. Then as he was pointing to himself - stunned, he realized that it was actually for him. And then Yixing lead everyone to sing happy birthday for Jongdae also!

Do you see how much he cares about him

Anonymous asked: How can you be a yixing fan, online gamer and an otaku all at the same time? You should try Lux! Her SS is amazing.

it’s not that hard LOL i’ve been bored of kpop these days so i thought of finding things to enjoy… i dont really play online games but my classmates influenced me so yeah (…not really) orz ohhhhhhh im not really sure if i can call myself an otaku… *n*


anyways yes i just tried lux yesternight! but it’s zzzZZzzzZZZ i still find nami amazing and easy to control…

Anonymous asked: You do play LOL? What level are you? :)

yes i do!!!! o/ starting to get addicted tho orz

just started playing since fri!! currently level 6~

yixings birthday countdown | d-4
yixings birthday countdown | d-4 
#蛋破壳时正秋分。# Happy Lunar Birthday Zhang Yixing!

#蛋破壳时正秋分。# Happy Lunar Birthday Zhang Yixing!


"I think that all the people who helped me, the people who silently contributed behind my back, all of them are my rightful benefactors, and therefore they should be placed of higher status than me. It is even more so for the fans. We may not be able to develop a close relationship with them, and I may have never said words like “you are my girlfriends” but everyone knows that we share a special kind of relationship. While all we do is put on make-up, wait on air-conditioned rooms, perform onstage, then sweat a lot, but the fans started since probably yesterday, the day before yesterday, or even a month before just to buy the tickets, sometimes even going to the airport to see us, they go way back. So I feel like the kind of love that the fans give is really admirable and at the same time, cute. If my bows could represent gratitude and respect, then I hope that you don’t think that I bow too much. For everything that you have done, a hundred, or a thousand bows is not enough.


XingLu holding hands (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

BaekXing having fun on-stage (+let’s do some exercise)! \(◦’⌣’◦)/